Gift Ideas for the Wellness Obsessed

Gift Ideas Wellness Lavender Products Saberio

In these days when people are busy and stressed, wellness products are the kind of gift that’s always appreciated. Created around lavender and its soothing and relaxing essential oils these wellness products are all handcrafted with quality materials free from dangerous chemical products. Ahead, some of our favorite wellness products that will make a great gift for a loved one who needs a little time for disconnecting and recharging.

Soothing Lavender Filled Eye Mask - Un Parfum de Lavande - Saberio

Lavender Filled Eye Mask

Un Parfum de Lavande


This lavender filled eye mask will bring calm and relaxation after a busy day. The rectangle piece of smoothness will help you relax and give you the best sleep ever. Its lavender and flax seed filling makes it soothing and heavy enough to keep your eyelids closed.

White lavender filled felt sachet light bckg - Un parfum de lavande - Saberio

White Felt Lavender Sachet

Un Parfum de Lavande


Make sure to drop one or two of these felt bags in your drawers, wardrobes, car, shoes, and purse. You can even keep them next to the bed or under the pillow, as the soothing scent of lavender is known for its calming properties. The natural essential oils of the dried lavender flowers are a great source of well being.

Dried Lavender Flower Bouquet - Un parfum de lavande - Saberio

Dried Lavender Bouquet

Un Parfum de Lavande


This dried lavender flowers bouquet is a nice decorative touch on its own or in a flower arrangement. Always in season, the dried lavender flowers benefit from their soothing smell that adds a note of calm and relaxation to your interior. Not only a decorative item but also a great gift for the wellness obsessed.

Lavender Sachet for Swarovski Earring Stud Set Light - Un parfum de lavande - Saberio

Lavender Sachet with Swarovski Stud Earrings

Un Parfum de Lavande


This lavender sachet is a great accessories for your purse: it helps you organize your earrings and it smells heavenly. The lavender sachet comes with a set of 5 pairs of stud earrings made of sparkling Swarovski crystals on a stainless steel base.

Purple Felt Lavender Sachet Bag

Un Parfum de Lavande


A square shaped sachet bag made of pastel purple felt and filled with lavender flowers for yourself, your home, clothes, shoes, bag or car. Lavender is known as your clothes doctor. A unique gift for a house warming party or something just for you.