Our Story

Saberio is the meeting place of artisans and those who love beautiful things. Here you can shop for handcrafted home, lifestyle, and gift products ethically sourced from European artisans and shipped directly to your front door from their studios and workshops.

Wall Art Duo - Print on Fine Art Paper - Luis Aruam Art Studio - Saberio

My Home Is My Kingdom

A soulful kingdom. And I want it filled with things that are as unique as I am.

In a world of fast and easy, finding that unique piece of art, handmade with love, has become a real challenge.


Saberio was born out of this quest to find objects with a soul, objects that can warm up a home and bring joy to the people who live there.

The other reason, as important as the first one, was to give a voice and visibility to artisans who make extraordinary things but don’t have the time and resources to establish an online presence.

That’s why we have handpicked artisans from all around Europe an gave them a platform to show their craftsmanship. You will find here true artists who transform clay, wood, metal, leather, and other amorphous materials into beautiful functional objects for your kitchen, office, living room or your children’s room.

We have also selected several lifestyle products for you to enjoy or to gift to the significant people in your life.

Sphere Study 1 on Wall - Luis Aruam - Saberio


If you are an artisans and would like to benefit from the advantages offered by the platform (an easy to set up online store for 1% of the official cost and a large audience interested in buying what you create) get in touch and let’s get you the beautiful online shop that your work deserves.

Interior Designers

If you are an interior designer or architect shopping for a client and you are looking for out of ordinary items, please let us know so we can share with you the benefits we offer.

If You're Shopping for Yourself

While we can’t pretend to have the largest selection of products, we can certify that the products are curated with love and attention. The independent artists, artisans, and galleries on the platform have all gone through our approval process, so we can confidently offer you only la crème de la crème.